Tucker-Rhodes Family Reunion Postponed

Dear Family,

We hope this letter receives the family well. After extensive thought, conversation, and feedback we have decided to postpone this year’s 40th Annual Tucker Tucker/Rhodes Family Reunion in Atlanta, GA until August 2021. The decision comes with great sadness and is not an easy decision at all. The move is based off of the ongoing pandemic and the surrounding uncertainty come August. We are taking in consideration the safety, planning, and financial aspects involved:

1) Large Gatherings – There are huge safety concerns regarding large crowds enabling the virus to spread quickly. Keep in mind, the entire Tucker/Rhodes reunion is one huge large gathering in itself every day of the reunion

2) Transportation – The state of the union regarding airports and the enhanced risk of contracting the virus is obvious. It is also important to note the compromised social distancing aspect when traveling by bus or large van.

3) Activities – There is no certainty that venues will be open to the public and to what capacity they will be able to receive large groups.

4) Financial Sensitivity – Though we have no concrete number of how many family members have been financially impacted by the pandemic, we acknowledge there is great risk in investing in the costs of the reunion i.e. travel, lodging, activities, t-shirts, cookout, etc. Taking care of the safety/health of yourself and your family is priority above everything.

5) Elders – It is widely reported that the virus impacts the elders at a high percentage. Putting the elders of the family at such a risk is not desirable.

With no vaccine in place and a potential second wave looming, we are simply running a huge risk in attempting to have potentially the largest family reunion in our 40yr history. The safest bet is to run it back August 2021 in full force with more comfort, safety, and sanity.

We will surely come back stronger than ever!!

- TyKi & Na’im

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