Tucker Rhodes Family Tree!!!

The Tucker-Rhodes Family Tree

The family tree is a work in progress by Toni Thornton (Tucker) Columbus, Ohio and Hattie McKnight-Hightower (Tucker) Ocala, Florida. Both have spent countless hours researching details regarding our family history back to the 1800's. The following information is just a snapshot of three generations of their findings.

If you would like to add additional historical information or see something that needs to be corrected please send the details to

Boston Tucker and Alice Rhodes - WHERE WE STARTED Married in 1879

From this union came:

Ella and Alice Jr.

Later Boston married Addie Davis

From that union came:

Jake, Henry, Gregory, Warren Sr., Oscar, Hannah, Lillie Way, Celia and Sarah.

Henry Tucker and Mamie Harper (Married)

From this union came:

Essie Mae, Emma Mae, (Roosevelt's mom) Beatrice, Easter, Henry Jr "Buster", Edward "Sport", Dazzie (Co-founder of the reunion)

Warren Tucker Sr.and Carrie Saunders (Married)

From this union came:

Aggie, John "JT", Warren Jr. "Big Time", Oscar, Grady, James "Shank", Richard and Ruby

· Aggie (Elizabeth) Tucker is the father of Mary, Francis, Daniel, Hattie, Josh and Michael

· JT “King of the Pit” (Carol) Tucker is father of Pamela, Paula and Patty

· Warren Jr. (Margaret "Maggie") Tucker is the father of Billy, Delores, Myra Jean, Warren III

· Richard (Alberta) Tucker is father of Betty and Frank "Dee Dee"

· Ruby (Garvin Jeremiah Hadden) is the mother of Donald "Uggie" and Rhoda Hadden

· James "Shank" Tucker is the father of Marjorie and James Jr

· Oscar, Grady - no children

Hannah Tucker-Hargrove

is the mother of Alice, Gloria, Rafael, Robert

Sara Tucker

is the mother Robert Edwards, Leroy Reese, Leb Edwards

Lilly Way Tucker

is the mother of Essie B. Reese, Wilbur Reese, William "Bill" Reese

Celia Tucker-Mosley

is the mother of Elijah, Addie, Oscar



John and Sarah Rhodes (Married)

Eddie "Baby", Rozier "RZ", Beatrice

Eddie “Baby” Rhodes (Ziphia Williams, Sarah Rhodes, Geneva Rhodes)

Eddie's Children:

Youlish (Papa Rhodes) Sr., Meredith, James, Mamie, Lillie Mae ,Katie Mae, Beatrice, Viola, Clinsetee and Janet

Youlish "Papa" Rhodes Sr and Dazzie (Tucker) Rhodes

From this union came:

Doretha, Lillie Mae, Gladys, Youlish Jr, Irene, Samuel Sr. Vergena, Donald, Wanda, Anthony and Rodney

Once again, this above information is a work in progress and provided by documentation and past discussions from Hattie, Toni, Viola and Papa Rhodes. Stay tuned for more details as we continue to uncover our history.

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