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The Story

There are various expenses associated with making sure that the Tucker-Rhodes Reunion is on the level to which we have always come to expect.  A donation (from family members only) towards miscellaneous expenses would be a great way to help defray the costs and ensure that a variety of expenses are paid.  These expenses include:

1) Website Maintenance: The website costs $27 per month, plus a $10 annual hosting fee.  This is one of our biggest operating expenses.  The website will become a great way to send and receive information to all family members.  We would like to maintain the website throughout the entire year.  After the reunion, we will post pictures and, hopefully, video of some of the reunion activities. The website will also enable you to leave comments and stay in touch with family members.

2) Misc. Activities: We would like to be able to include as many additional activities at a low cost for the family.  Your donation will go towards any extra activities that we decide to include during the reuniion.

3) Misc. Operating Expenses: While many of our family members have email addresses, there are a quite a few who do not.  Therefore, reunion letters are sent in order to inform them of the updates.  This has required paying for stamps, envelopes, paper, ink, etc. 

4) Tucker Rhodes Scholarship

Any donation will be greatly appreciated!

If you pay by credit card, the bank charges a processing fee. (That is, unless you elect to pay the fee,  the bank will deduct the fee from your donation.)

All money received by the Committee will go 100% towards the items listed above. 

If you would rather not donate by credit card and would prefer to mail in your donation, you can send the payment to the address listed below.  Be sure to write "donation" in the memo line of the check: 

Payable to: 

Ahmad Rashada

Mailing Address:

Ahmad Rashada
1212 Singleton Blvd
Apt  4031
Dallas, TX 75212

Your generosity will help ensure make the
2020 Tucker-Rhodes Reunion is one of the best ever!!

For your convenience we recommend these pay options:
At the end Everyone who donated will be entered into a drawing and three winners will be selected to win a free T-shirt or a free cookout ticket!