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Letter To The Family

Tucker Rhodes Family Reunion History 


The Tucker Rhodes Family Reunion is preparing for our 38th annual reunion to be held in St. Louis, MO and led by an emerging leadership team that will cement our legacy forever.


Where did it all begin? 

In 1980 after seeing the blockbuster TV mini-series “Roots”, Samuel (Sammy) Rashada Sr. (Rhodes) was inspired to organize, get to know and unite his extended family from all across the country. He acknowledge the unifying of the extended family was always a dream of his late cousin, Willie Tucker, Springfield, Ohio, who passed on with this dream unfulfilled. Sammy decided to pick up the mantle and run with it.


In 1980, Sammy traveled from Cleveland, Ohio to his hometown of Springfield, Ohio to discuss the idea with his mother Dazzie Tucker Rhodes. She of course embraced the idea with excitement and suggested they also meet with her nephew Roosevelt (Preacher) Stembridge.  After a brief meeting with Roosevelt he was onboard. 


Together they decided that the first reunion would be held in Springfield, Ohio in 1981. A planning committee was formed and the first family letter was sent to family members encouraging them to help preserve the family legacy by attending the reunion. The letter also articulated the vision to eventually establish a National Treasury that would house an educational fund to benefit our youth and a senior fund for the elderly. 


Needless to say, the letter had impact and was the driving force behind making the first annual Tucker Rhodes Walker Family Reunion a reality.  There were more than 200 family members in attendance from Springfield, Columbus, Dayton, Sparta (GA), Atlanta (GA), Detroit (MI), Miami (FL) etc.  In 1987 the family unanimously agreed to change the name to Tucker-Rhodes because it more accurately reflected the Sparta, Georgia family roots. Since 1981, an overwhelming number of family members affectionately called the “Love Train” has traveled for 36 years, embracing family around the country. See complete list of cities below.


1981 Springfield, Ohio
1982 Columbus, Ohio
1983 Atlanta, Georgia
1984 Miami, Florida
1985 Springfield, Ohio
1986 Sparta, Georgia
1987 Cleveland, Ohio
1988 Columbus, Ohio
1989 Newark, Delaware
1990 Detroit, Michigan
1991 Miami, Florida
1992 Dayton, Ohio
1993 Virginia Beach, Virginia
1994 Ocala, Florida
1995 Sparta, Georgia
1996 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1997 Chicago, Illinois
1998 Atlanta, Georgia
1999 Toledo, Ohio
2000 San Diego, California
2001 Virginia Beach, Virginia
2002 Toronto, Canada
2003 New Orleans, Louisian
2004 Fairfield, Ohio
*2005 Miami Florida and Cozumel Mexico 25th Anniversary Cruise
2006 Scottsdale, Arizona
2007 Atlanta, Georgia
*2008 Nassau/Coco Cay Bahama
2009 Columbus, Ohio
2010 Las Vegas, Nevada
2011 Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
2012 Washington, DC
2013 New York City, New York
2014 Jacksonville, Florida
2015 Cleveland, Ohio
2016 Charlotte, North Carolina
2017 Cincinnati, Ohio 

2018 St. Louis, Missouri

2019 Detroit, Michigan



* Indicates a Cruise

"Family is important because it provides love, support, and a framework of values to each of its members. Family members teach each other, serve one another, and share life joy and sorrow‘s. Families provide setting for personal growth." - Author Unknown


My beloved family members,


I hope this letter finds all of you in good standing.  In order to fully understand the importance of paying family dues, it is essential to recognize the importance of family first.  The above quotation captures this. Every day, as a family, we do things to look out for each other and we do not give it a second thought. Often times it involves doing something financially for family members, be it big or small. This is the same concept in love for family that is connected with Paint Family do dad we are looking out for each other. We take the time to invest money into our elders, our kids, our close family, our distant family, our family we love so dearly, our family that gets under our skin, and of course ourselves. Compare it to Putting gas into a car to keep it moving.  In this case, it would be putting coal into the TR love train to keep it moving.


As the family reunion continues to move forward there are expenses that are covered by the family dues including hotel deposit, park reservation, the restaurant for family lunches, and other major activities that are on the agenda. Our goal is to secure these venues well in advance so that we have the best family reunion experience possible. To add to the list administrative expenses such as website maintenance, printing, policies, supplies, banking on my convenience fees, awards and other surprises in store for the family.  Not to mention the Tucker Rhodes scholarship!  Dues or even he said you’re in making dreams come true.


It is important to keep in mind that family dues are paid once every year. Family members 18 years and older who are currently working and responsible for paying dues. It is important to note that if a family member is not attending the reunion, they are required to pay their family dues. This concept is hard to grasp for many of us because we are not getting something tangible in return. However if you are  acknowledge the importance of family and future it all makes perfect sense. The Tucker Rhodes love train must keep moving whether you are on board or not.


So family, let us take the time to pay our $30 for work $28 it done on line and keep the coal burning in this machine we called the Tucker-Rhodes Love train! We are here for you. When I say Tucker you say Rhodes!

-Na'im Rashada

Assistant Director

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