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40th Commemorative T-shirt & Tumbler

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This year we wanted to introduce a limited run of commemorative t-shirts of Dianne Rashada our t-shirt designer for 39 years(she missed only one year of designing a t-shirt) that features her visage on the front painted by the Sammy & Sissy children's book colorist Steve Dasgupta. The back features her last Tucker-Rhodes t-shirt design for this year's reunion. This is a commemorative t-shirt that will be made using Gilden or Jerzee 100% polyester tees made to order for pickup at this years reunion.

Deadline to order shirts is Friday, July 22, 2022.  Because of supply chain issues we want to make sure there are not any issues. Don't delay order now!!!


Sizes Available & Pricing:


Adult: Large, Extra Large, 2-Extra Large, 3XL: 



We will also be fundraising for next years reunion with a commemorative tumbler made by Punkinworks owner Guinnevere Rashada. The cups give a brief history of how the reunion became Tucker-Rhodes with the credit of the founders. These are 20oz tumblers that hold hot AND cold drinks for a long time. These tumblers as of right now are being made to order just like with the t-shirts to be picked up at the reunion.




These commemorative items are made to order for pick up at this years reunion. The 20 oz tumblers will be on sale after the reunion with a small shipping fee and a two week turn around.