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Dues Contest Is Almost Over!!!

Time To Pay Our Dues!!! Update #5

Two more days left until the contest is over. We have 38 people in total that have paid. We need 12 more to make it to 50!!!! Thank you and let’s build on that!!!

Friends and Family Members who have paid dues as of February 14, 2023, are listed at the bottom of message.

The Family Reunion in Memphis is closer than we think!!!

It is time to pay our Dues!!! Dues are used to help pay for important necessities like hotel meeting rooms all the way to park rental fees.

We need your help!!!

We have started this year with a contest with some great prizes. All you have to do is PAY YOUR DUES & BOOK YOUR ROOM!!! IT’S THAT EASY!!! Your card will not be charged immediately when booking your room so might as well book it now to ensure you have a room!!!

Check for details in the blog section. DEADLINE for contest entry is February 15!!!

Check the family website below to PAY YOUR DUES - $30. If you are paying dues for somebody else or multiple people, please include their names in the NOTES section of the Checkout page on the Dues payment page.

Listed below are the current update of those who have paid their dues. This will be updated weekly. Let’s see if we can get 50 family members and friends to pay before February 15, 2023!!!

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